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Tableau.Setting XIII

The Crucified figure originated within a carved paper artwork entitled "Eat from my Plate but Chew with your Mouth Closed" (1996), the inverted figure can be seen at left. A singular Crucified was featured, having a fingerprint whorl as a face, having an androgynous body totem, a body totem with both Venus and Virility aspects, a totem fringed with stemmed anthers, the figure not yet birthing seeds as seen in in Myth and Metaphor (at right) and Tableau.Setting XIV (below left).  I continued to incorporate this figure within subsequent art works as conditions of being. As works progressed in my allegorical messaging, these figures evolved, becoming more eccentric in meaning, the latest metamorphosis has three butter pats as highly stylized blonde wigs and pairs of inviting legs are later realized by the JESTER character in Tableau Setting XXX. JESTER also realizes the guitars held by The Crucifieds on the cover of the CD.

Eat from my Plate but Chew with your Mouth Closed


Myth and Metaphor

Tableau.Setting XXVII

Tableau.Setting XXX

Tableau.Setting XXXIV

Look closely above (Tableau.Setting XXX) to see the Untermensch's soul prints of lost destinies serve as the sound holes of the three guitars. 

Tableau.Setting XXX

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Tableau.Setting XXIII

Tableau.Setting XXXI

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